Friday, 23 November 2012

What is examination?

What is result?

What is deem as good in your eyes?

Read it on FB, there is this Malay family who packed lunch for her son everyday without fail, even when he had tuition classes, his mom need to prepared home cook food & sent it to school for him.

I believe his family is happy & glad he did extremely well for his PSLE (I think he got 275 correct me if I'm wrong). Congrats to Muhammad Khalis Samion. His family didn't have extra spare cash to send him for tuition, yet he didn't blame it on his plight and continue to strive hard on his own.

I would like to wish him all the best for his securing a good secondary school. :) he did his family proud.

Compared to some family who are able to afford expensive tuitions for their child, dining at high class restaurant, holiday trips & unlimited games equipments. Whatever their child ask for, they are able to fulfill. Eg, the child only eat a certain part of the cow. And it had to be prepared for him everyday. (What crap?? Unless he earns like >5k or he is the only person bringing home the bacon)

I strongly believe that parents should not indulge their child. There should be appropriate time given to the child to learn on their own through Internet, friends & from failures.

My results ain't good either. I make mistakes too and also went through failures and eventually got to where I set for myself. Planning to further my studies but I think everything else can wait till I achieve my goal I set for myself now.

I think parents should not boost their child results, it will result in gloating by others.

Those who didn't out in effort, then you should know how your results would turn out. No point brawling out your eyes, it might prove that you are very dramatic.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Road Trip to JB

As I'm staying almost end of Singapore and making a trip to JB via Second Link was a breeze..  Was supposed to be somewhere instead but decide to drop the idea and go ahead with the trip for personal reason.

It didn't seem to have alot of cars, we were still thinking there would be queues of car into the Second Link, but there wasn't.  Smooth drive to Bukit Indah, and within 30mins we have reached our destination.  All thanks for the GPS which hubby bought from the IT Fair.  As compare current one we having with what my friend have, it seems to be a better version.  Usually we would research for the address of place we want to go and enter the information into the GPS and it will bring us there, at times he will give us some weird turning :( but eventually all went well and we always reached our destination!!! (***** out of *****)

Usually we will stop by Bukit Indah Jusco, but decide to venture near the KTV (Qian Gui) as we always drive past there and notice two big supermarket there (TESCO & GIANT).  Spotted this car wash company within the carpark of GIANT and decide that we need to check out before we decide if we want to go ahead with the car polishing/car wash cos based on the advertisement, it seems too reasonable, RM30-RM50.  It turn out that rates are for members.  Lucky that we made the effort to ask them first.  WE proceed to Giant instead.  There wasn't much shoppers/customer and indeed this allowed us more time for comparison and choosing the items.  As compared to Singapore, where we always have to rush cos there are too much people at all times, there is no good time at all.  You try going in wee hours, it's the same. 

Well, bought some essential stuffs for home but most of the purchase belongs to hubby >.< (1 tin of biscuit, fish bites and 2 bottles of chips). 

Noticed that there is an outlet of Amway ( (this link is Singapore version) as I'm located here and easier for people who read my blog.  As I ordered some stuffs from my sister like 2 months back as she was down with her first pregnancy, everything got delayed.  She refused to offer me some detergent to use :(((  Shall get my member soon so I could go down and buy the stuffs that I want to instead of waiting for her as it's going to drag forever.  Eventually, we went to sung our lungs out at the KTV (Qian Gui) quite popular in Taiwan.  Total damages for 3hrs of non-stop music at RM36 and comes with 2 cup of drinks for each of us.  We sung our lungs out. :D  As we did not have lunch and I wanted to order some nuggets to cushion our tummy, hubby said that the restaurant that we are heading to are a short drive away and we should keep our tummy as empty as possible cos he thought that is a buffet outlet :(

Probably due to the rain and evening hours, the road was not as smooth as we think.  As we followed our GPS and went past this area which looks very familiar to me & hubby (I was there quite a no of times with my family when young and hubby was there with our clubbing friends).  Next time, we could send our car for SPA :))  There are so many SG cars and they are there cos of the exchange rate and price, definitely cheaper than SG.

Made a few turns and eventually we saw the signboard of the restaurant, Modern Revelation.  The second level was packed with people and we have to made do with the first level seating.  Lucky we went at an earlier timing (about 7pm), it is not so crowded and we found seats easily (but if you have a bigger group, better to call and reserved for Fri - Sun.  We had a set dinner for two (it consist of a plate of seafood, a plate of meat, one steamboat, one plate of salad to share).  I also ordered some additional dishes likechicken bottoms & brinjal.  But too bad that the brinjal was already sold out. :(  We liked their miso sauce and their BBQ sauce.  After finishing those on the table, we order a bottle of Tiger Beer, another plate of pork belly (thick) and a plate of squid.  How can we have BBQ without any beer?? Tasteless.  And in the first place, we did order two other drinks.  Total damages is at RM140.  We left with a heavy stomach :D

We drove past a petrol kiosk but was too lazy to do a u-turn and thinking that there are many petrol kiosk along the way which we decide to carry on with our journey and pump at the next kiosk.  But the whole journey back to Singapore, there isn't one and the drive lead us directly to the Woodlands Causeway.  :(  there was a little jam at the Singapore causeway, not sure why but we were told to use the heavy vehicle clearance instead.

Back to Singapore by 9.55pm.

[to be continued with photos of the dinner]

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Relaxation Trip
Definition of Travel - to go, move, or journey from one place to another 

Motive of my life is to travel & see the world out of this little red dot (Singapore). Experience their culture, food & shopping.  Seriously, I have lowest threshold for stress (which I strongly believe) and a short trip to somewhere could make me miss Singapore and return with a happy note.  

Normally, I would visit their weekend market, bazaar or supermarket cos there will always be things that caught my eyes and they always end up in my luggage for flight to SG. 

Places that Interest ME 2013
  • Hongkong + Macau + Zhuhai
  • Taipei
  • Japan
  • Europe
But I'm sure I can't make it to all these places in 2013 unless I strike lottery (TOTO SG Version but if I do, I be on NPL and fly everywhere) 


I think the whole fun of travel is the planning process, coordinating everyone schedules to make sure that it fits all, booking of tpt/flights and most importantly hotel rooms or if you hate those nitty gritty planning then  even by booking with the agency would save you alot of trouble.  But you will be stuck, having to follow what they have plan for you. *bad experience*

Packaged Tours - for those who dislike thinking through what need to be done and what is still outstanding

  • Meal Plan
  • Hotel/Resort
  • Airport Transfer
  • Transportation from place to place
  • Oversize baggage could be well covered by tour mates
  • You see the (travel country) through the tour guide's eyes
  • Tour Shopping Location
  • More Hours Spend on Bus Ride
  • Restricted R&R 
  • Relocation of Hotels
  • Carrying of Bulk Luggage
 F&E - you get to experience all the pain in ass for planning, nothing goes smoothly (eg. Mr J could not decide on when to apply for leave) and even if there is sale going on or long weekend, I could only look at it and do nothing.  All our trips are impromptu, quite sad for me but he's seriously okay with the situation now.  He don't really see it from my point of view :((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((


  • OTOT
  • No Restriction (You could do what you want, if your purse/wallet agrees)
  • Day Tour (You may want to join those day tours that you are interested)
  • Carrying of Bulk Luggage 
  • Language Barriers
  • Need to Coordinate Transfer on Your Own
Next post, I should be writing about the places of interest and what's nice and good to visit from my point of view... [to be continued]


Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Hello everyone! 
This is definitely not my first blog but I should continue writing down stuffs before I forget about them... 
This is where I ramble on my shopperholic craze for scrapbooking, clothes, buttons etc etc and photography (not sure why but everytime when I'm on a roadtrip, I snap HUNDREDS of clouds).
One of My Fav PP
Simply love being around my lovelies (siblings + cousins).  They made a difference in my life and without them, my memories would have been very different, mandate and bored.  I love them all. \
Hubby & Me before heading to Chloe's Full Month Celebration

Part of my Lovelies.. Some of them missing from this photo
I love great food so most of the time, I would be found feasting together with my (ex-boyfriend) HUBBY. 
My everyday work require me to communicate with people from all walks of life, be it good or bad.  Friends are made along the way :)  I would like to run a scrapbooking shop one day so my sickness (no diarrhea + flu + fever etc) would be gone, everyday I would be looking at pretty stuffs, dealing with happy people cos we all love those pretty things on the shelves.
Thanks for visiting my blog and do keep update as I goes on my grumbles about work & nasty people, some good steal or some places worth for dining  :))